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Monday, 31 December 2012

Lace Blouse

 Blouse // New Look   -   White Camisole // H&M   -   Skater Skirt // ASOS   -   Socks // Topshop   -   Boots // eBay   -   Necklace // Sisters Wardobe

I absolutely love this lace blouse I picked up in the sales last week! My sister spotted it and I was umming and ahhing over it whilst we walked around the store and picked it up and put it down several times before actually going to the check out with it, even then I was sure I'd be coming back for a refund. I'm actually really glad I purchased it now as the fit is really comfortable, plus I love wearing blouses at the moment so win win! I think I might pair it with a coloured bandeau  underneath it next time for a little pop of colour, what do you think?

I also managed to find a cute little dip hem pink skirt from Miss Selfridge for only £6.30 that I had my eye on whilst it was full price! I was over the moon when I found it, stuff like that usually never happens to me. I only ever find stuff from 2 years ago, thats been put back in the sale over & over again. All in all I wouldn't call my sale shopping a success, but at least my finds won't be stuffed to the back of the wardrobe for many years to come and I didn't break the bank either!

What did you think of the sales? Find any good bargains or have any good sale hunting tips for me, As I think I may be lacking some key tips!
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Friday, 28 December 2012

Paint Splatter NOTD

If you're a regular Fashernably Late comer, you will have seen this nail design before, I know, how cheeky of me to repeat! I just loved how the colours turned out & wanted to show you guys! I wasn't too sure if the design would show up over the black base as my white nail polish is a fairly low priced one and usually takes about 2/3 coats before it becomes a solid white, but using this white as the first colour has actually made the red pop a little more. win win! If you want to know how this design is done, the tutorial is HERE.

I have a very cute little giveaway coming your guys way over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled, especially if you're a handbag lover like me!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Look what Momma made!

Dress // Made by Mother Sher  -  Boots // eBay

How cute is this dress!? Where is it from I hear you say...? Well, my mum made it! My mum is amazing at making clothes and is so talented when it comes to making pretty little things like this - I'm an extremely lucky girl - I have my very own personal tutor when it comes to sewing, I'm constantly asking 'how to' questions when it comes to my uni work too!

I know this is a pretty simple outfit, and yes I was freezing whilst taking these pictures but I really wanted to show you the dress & this new hair style I've tried out. I usually just wear my hair in a middle parting with curls, so adding these little 50s inspired curls, has given me a new little change that I most definitely will keep going. What do you guys think?

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas too, eat plenty of chocolate & mince pies! x

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Friday, 21 December 2012

Tartan Love and Chain Waistcoat

 Skirt // Topshop  -  Top // H&M  -  Waistcoat //  Topshop via eBay  -  Dr. Martens

I love this skirt! I bought it a few months ago and just never got around to doing an outfit post whenever I  wore it (which it quite a lot). Its one of those skirts that makes you feel like a little doll when you put it on, the pleats make it stick out quite a bit and sometime when I look down I can't see my feet, ha!

I decided to pair it with this polo neck long sleeve tee that I've had for forever. I bought it when polo necks were last in fashion, which was quite a while ago! I've always had a weird thing for them and kept them tucked at the back of my wardrobe and pull them back out when its okay to wear them again. The waistcoat I'm wearing I actually bought two summers ago, and is the first time I'm actually wearing it. (I'm really bad with doing this!). I just never found an outfit it looked right with, but I don't have the heart to give it away/sell it as I'm such a hoarder witch clothes.

It's getting closer to Christmas & I'm really looking forward to sitting around all day & watching Christmas films. Pretty much what I normally do on a normal day really except at this time of year it involves Elf! haha!

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bodycon & Docs

 Dress //H&M  -  Cardigan //Hearts & Bows Ark  -  Dr. Martens  -  Belt //Vero Moda  
Lips// Wicked Topshop

I think I'm in love with dress, it hugs all the right places and gives you an amazing figure with the illusion of black stripes running through it in the hour glass shape! It's probably the first thing I've bought from H&M in a long long time too. I usually just buy my basic tee's from there, but when I went in on Sunday I found this dress hung up by itself and I was instantly drawn towards it. I particularly love the racer front detail too.

I'm slightly lagging in the accessory department too as I left all my jewellery at my student house, whoopsie! So I do apologise for the lack of bling I could have added here. As for my cardi, this is a little oldie of mine that I love! It was a bargain from Ark (I love their knitwear) and it doesn't get all bobbley like most knitwear.


Thursday, 13 December 2012

LBD 'Long Black Dress'

 Maxi Dress - Asos
Jacket - Urban Outfitters
Bowler Hat - Topshop
Boots - eBay
Belt - Vero Moda
Bag - River Island

I want to first of all apologise for the very bad quality of this image, my camera was being an absolute nightmare and wouldn't focus for some reason, and this one was the only decent enough one to show you. I was going to re do these pictures this morning, but my face has swollen on one side due to my wisdom tooth having an infection (you can kind of see my fat face in this picture too). I loved this outfit too much to wait until my camera (and face) were back to normal, as patience is something I lack quite badly and the feeling of a new outfit was too overpowering. 

This long Jersey dress is something I've had my eye on for a while now but just wasn't too sure how it would suit me. I've lived in denim shorts and leggings for far too long and maxi dresses/skirts seemed way out of my comfort zone. I can safely say this will be a staple item of clothing in my wardrobe this winter. I just wish it had a huge slit up the side so I could wear bright purple tights underneath for a pop of colour, or just so it was easier to walk in.

As for the boots, I love these little beauts! I ordered them off eBay a while ago, and since I've seen so many other bloggers drool over them as I have done. They'll feature in my next 'Today I Bought Post' as I have a few little things to show you & another cheeky little giveaway for you guys!


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Topshop #GoGalactic

I was a very lucky lady this past week, as I was able to work alongside Topshop, Trinity Leeds, to help promote the new Galactic Trend they launched in stores a couple of weeks ago. I was given a budget of £140 and was able to choose my outfit from the Galactic trend to wear (and keep, yippee) for the week whilst the store held a Galactic Makeover Promotion. The deal was a complimentary 15 minute session whereby you could get your hair, nails or make up done for free if you spent more than £50 in store.

I as the Brand Ambassador for this promotion, was asked to look like a Galactic Girl and had my make up and nails done each day; it really was amazing and looked incredible! It consisted of dramatic eye make up using silver, grey and blue tones (to match my amazing sequin skirt) and a pink base on my lips with silver glitter patted over the top. I had so many enquires about what lipstick I had on, and where it could be purchased, who knew that a little DIY with glitter could look so glamorous? (future trend alert)

I was so grateful to receive these beautiful clothes for free, but unfortunately I was unable to keep the Fur jacket as it was not included in my budget (sob sob). I grew very attached to it all week, but £85 is way out of my personal budget at the moment. 

P.S. I apologise for the very unprofessional 'self mirror' shots below, but I really wanted to show you how the outfit looked on, and had zero time to take proper images! Please don't hate me for it.


Monday, 3 December 2012

Zero Waste

Now I don't usually talk about my uni work much on here, as most of the time I'm not usually proud of anything I make.. but this Kimono inspired jacket I'm truly impressed with myself for! This semester we had to choose a concept which was innovative, basically meaning fresh, new ideas which would factor in environmental issues such as the amount of textile waste the fashion industry produce or using eco friendly fabrics. I chose to go down the path of Zero Waste fashion, which essentially means an entire garment (jacket, top or skirt) is made entirely from a piece of fabric with no spare material being thrown away or wasted.

I chose this concept as I was very interested in traditional styles such as The Kimono & Sarees that originate from over a thousand years ago and held the Zero Waste concept. I wanted to add my own twist to this concept and use square cut and rectangle pieces to make my garments. This is the first of 4 toiles I've made for my module.

It is a very difficult concept, but I love being pushed forward and challenging myself with new and exciting things! I'll be sure to post photos of my other designs (if they're good enough haha).


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ice Ice Baby

Firstly, I have to admit, these nails turned out by accident! I was going for something along the lines of 'festive nails'  but didn't plan for them to look like this.. and it just so happened that the white basing I chose made my nails look like icicles.  Either way I'm pretty happy these accidental ice nails turned out the way they did, 'cause I think they look super cute, don't you? Well let me get started on telling you how I went about doing this, its pretty easy and perfect for those of you who don't have a steady hand; it's all about messy uneven lines anyway (amazing).

1. Begin by using a basecoat to protect your nails from the polish. I've also been using a 'strong results' treatment on my nails before the basecoat recently, which has really helped my nails from breaking , so if you suffer from this also, I highly recommend it!

2. Paint two coats of polish onto your nails, any colour works for this I guess, as long as you choose colours that compliment one another for the icicle part.

3. Take a white striper, and begin to do quick fast strokes up the nail to about half way starting from the tip of your nail. Make sure majority of your tip is fully covered in white or the colour you put on top won't 'pop' as well as it should.

4. Ensuring your white has fully dried, repeat the process with your second striper (for me, Silver) but this time, only go up the the a 1/4 of the way so the white is still visible.

5. Do another coat of Silver, but only on the very tips of your nails to darken the colour.

6. To finish off the design, add small dots of glitter in random places, top of with a clear coat & enjoy your icicle nails! Simple!

If you'd like any other festive related nail art, please do feel free to suggest any!
Hope everyone had a lovely chocolate in their advent calender.


Monday, 26 November 2012

Wishlist #2

It's coming to the end of term, just two weeks to go before I can sit at home in a nice warm (non student) house & watch Christmas films all day and annoy my two cats. But unfortunately that also means the end of the good ol' student loan. Boo! So all I can do right now is online window shopping and drool over the things I really really want but can't buy, and the fact I can't have them makes me want them even more, don't you hate that!? 

As everyone knows I have an unhealthy obsession with ASOS and its now gone that one step further if that is even possible? My obbession has escalated to now wanting t the entire outfit that the models wear in the photos instead of just the one item I was looking at, its really bad I know! I absolutely love this sequin bomber jacket & leather skirt combo, its beautiful! Unfortunately if I was actually going to buy this entire outfit, it would cost my bank over £140. So, it's probably good that my bank balance is quite insufficient at the moment.

I've been looking for a coat with a hood for absolutely forever, and yep I've done it again, fallen in love with a coat that does not have a hood. I think I secretly love buying new umbrellas and being blown away in the wind, 'cause this coatigan is something I've had my eye on for a while now, but will definitely not protect me from the torrential rainfall we're having in Leeds at the moment.

Now I know everyone and their aunties & grandmas have a DW watch, but I can't help but lust over it, & I'm not even a watch kinda gal. But you have to admit, it is beautiful isn't it?  I think my newest peice of jewellery will have to be this spiked necklace from La Moda Uk that I've had my eye on for a while, they have some amazing pieces in at the moment and much more affordable than a DW watch haha! Well I'm off to continue my Uni work (fun fun). Hope everyone has a lovely Monday x


Friday, 16 November 2012

Check Mate!

I realised that I haven't played around with my little stamping kit since I first purchased it, which was a very long time ago! After seeing lots of cute images on Instagram of stamping, I thought I'd give it another go! I really think this attempt is a lot better than my previous one, which you can find here. (Quite a big improvement I'm sure you'll agree)

There are lots of stamping tutorials on Youtube if you want to learn how to do them, they're super easy & you can buy the stamping kit for around £2 from eBay! Bargain.

Hope everyone is excited as I am that xmas holidays are coming up so soon! Don't forget, last few hours to enter my YSL giveaway HERE. Good luck x


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Pretty please.

Hi guys! As any third year university student know, the dreaded dissertation is a pure killer! I'm in the middle of writing my first draft and in need of people to fill in my survey which will in hopes help me gain research for my question!

for those of you interested my question is: A discussion about the influences of retro fashion on today’s fashion industry.

I'd appreciate it very much! Hope everyone's having a nice day x


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Leeds Fashion Show

In October I volunteered to help backstage at Leeds biggest and most influential Fashion Show, and with it being its 7th successful year running I was quite giddy and excited to be a part of it all!

The show was held at Leeds Town Hall and although its an amazing venue I must admit, I did get lost in there a good few times! I spent my day making sure all the model rails and clothing were in order, assisting to the designers and ensuring all things were ready in place for the start of the show. 

I managed to get a little sneak peek at the presenters rehearsals from the balcony and took a few cheeky pictures when I had a chance. I also managed to get my hands on a pair of Alexander McQueen crystal boots - I almost died!

It turned out to be a really successful show, and all the models, designers, organisers & volunteers went out & partied like it was 1999 after the show! I'll definitely be showing my face again next year too!

All images below are all curtsey of Wild Child Media. To view all images click the link below

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