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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Paris Outfit #3 Stripe It Up ft. Chi Chi London

Jumpsuit // Topshop   -   Waistcoat // LILY LULU   -   Fedora // ASOS   -   Shoes // Boohoo

As I was in Paris, it was only fitting that one of the days I was there I wore some black & white stripes. I just needed to replace my fedora for a beret hat and I would have practically passed as being French (so stereotypical I know, I apologise). 

I managed to snap up this monochrome jumpsuit from Topshop just in time before another lady did! muahahaha! It's so comfy and literally feels like I'm wearing my Pj's! I teamed it with my good 'ol fedora & this lovely duster waistcoat from LILY LULU.

I was also very kindly gifted this Antonia bag by Chi Chi London and thought it tied in nicely with this outfit as it broke away from the whole monochrome vibe I had obviously gone for. I don't usually go for clutch bags, but the tassels got me (big lover of anything with tassels) and it's surprisingly roomy! I managed to fit my Olympus Pen in there quite comfortably too! It also comes with a cute golden chain so you can wear it hung off your shoulder and a little hidden zip just underneath the flap! Winning all round!

My post about what I got up to this day to follow! :)


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Paris Day #2: The Tour Bus & Sore Feet

On our second day in Paris, we decided we had to be true tourist & take the open air tour bus around the city. As it was such a short trip, we had to get all the sights in that we wanted to see as easy as possible. For 32 euros a ticket we has access to different coloured routes around the city and they we pretty much got to see everything in just one day! It was also nice to ride around on the bus and just see how beautiful the entire city was.

Our first stop was Sephora! As 2 girls, in Paris, we just had to hop off & go in! We spent a good 5 minutes oooing and ahhhing over the coloured lights and spiral staircase and doing a mini photo shoot before we began to get weird stares!

We then went on to see the Louvre, Love lock bridge, Notre Dame, Ladurée but unfortunately it rained when we headed up to the Arc De Triomphe so we were unable to be true tourists there! I also wanted to visit the memorial site of where Lady Diana died, but time was of the essence, so we headed back to the apartment to freshen up & headed back down the Champs Elysees later that evening.

Paris is a funny day on a Tuesday. It's almost like a Sunday here.. A lot of places aren't open and the McDonalds closed at 2am. Which kind of ridiculousness is that!? haha!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Paris #2 Blue Bottoms

Shoes // Ego   -   Trousers // Zara   -   Top // ASOS    -    Waistcoat // LILY LULU    -    Bag // Topshop    
Rings // Regal Rose    -    Bracelet // Nostalgic Feather*

I think this was my favourite outfit over the 3 days I spent in Paris. It was comfortable, practical and all in all cute! I never thought there would be a day where I'd wear an entire outfit that didn't feature something black in it... I'm a changed women!

I'f you've seen some of my latest outfit posts, I've veered towards light, neutral colours as opposed to all black everything. I suppose it is Summer after all...

I picked up these Zara trousers in the sale for a sweet £16! I was quite surprised when I tried them on as they're not high waisted and they fit me perfectly! I have the whole 'small waist/big bum' combo that's quite a problem when it comes to clothes. However, these did get a little baggy throughout the day which was a little frustrating. Or, I could have lost a couple of pounds from all the walking we did this day! Wishful thinking, ey?

I'm in love with these heels from Ego. I didn't think dusty pink heels could be so versatile, but I have a few more outfits in mind that I'd like to wear them with, they're so cute!!

I've also been wearing this white ribbed halter neck top from ASOS about 4 times a week! It's such an easy throw on and goes with everything! I teamed it with this LILY LULU waistcoat as I thought it tied it all together! At first I assumed it would only look good with a festival style outfit but I proved myself wrong!

I was also kindly sent some cute little bits from Nostalgic Feather. This cute little feather bracelet matched my trousers perfectly! I love co-ordination! They have some really cute bits at the moment, you should definitely go take a peek!

What I got up to on my second day in Paris will be posted in a separate post, so stay tuned!

Have you been on holiday anywhere this Summer, please leave your link, I'd love to give them a read!


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Paris day #1: l'ensemble, tout blanc

Culotte Jumpsuit // ASOS    -    Heels // Ego    -   Bag // Topshop   -    Sunglasses // LILY LULU    -   Necklace // Forever21

Ever since I can remember I've always wanted to visit Paris, I don't know why.. It's not that I love frogs legs or anything.. It's always been the one place I HAD to visit! Every year for my birthday I'd toy around with the idea of going, start planning and organising but it's always fallen through. So, when a spontaneous trip was planned within the space of a few weeks with my friend/photographer Amy, I couldn't contain my excitement and start outfit planning straight away!

Our trip was short & very sweet, with 2 and a half days to cram absolutely everything in! We arrived to our studio flat, which I must mention, was a 30 second walk from the Eiffel Tower (how amazing?) and quickly got ready and headed out to start exploring!

First we oooh'd & aaaah'd over the Eiffel Tower and took lots of selfies (a must) and then headed up to the Moulin Rouge where it took us about an hour to figure out how to use the Metro! ha!

I was in awe with my first day in this beautiful city, so when we saw couples doing The Waltz & The Tango outside with the Eiffel Tower glittering over them I decided I wasn't leaving... for another 2 days yet anyway...



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