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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Red & Black

Dress - H&M    //    Waistcoat - Topshop   //   Bag - Urban Outfitters   //   Boots - Missguided
Necklaces - c/o Delilah Dust   //   Sunglasses - eBay   //   Socks - Topshop 

This has to be one of my favourite outfits in a long time. It has little elements throughout it that I love and have loved for ages! Fringing, the waistcoat, monochrome and a whole lotta black - a few of my fave things. I picked up this dress from h&m a few weeks ago. I don't usually find many things in there that catch my eye but they have some great little summer dresses in ranging in price from £7 - £14. Perfect if you're on a budget!

I'm heading down to London this week so looking my best is a must! I think outfit has made it into my top 5, what do you? Stylish enough for the capital?

These cute little necklaces I'm wearing are from Delilah Dust - they're perfect little additions to my jewellery collection. I had to resist buying almost everything off their site, why is it you want to buy everything in sight when you're on a budget!?
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Friday, 28 June 2013

Wishlist 5

I've been liking this East meets West trend for a while now and the more popular it becomes the more I'm falling in love with it. It's nice to see harem pants and paisley patterns making a comeback and reworked in a more stylish way than in the 90's. This colour block shackle I think is the key wardrobe essential this summer (if we actually have one) as its so easy to style. Throwing it over a dress, whether it be a maxi, midi or body con, it's a great way to keep on trend (and to keep warm).

Festival season is well and truly in full swing. There's no doubt there will be thousands of girls rockin' the denim short shorts and flower crowns at Glastonbury this weekend! Oh how very jealous I am! This little beauty from Rock n Rose keeps catching my eye. I must have visited their site about 10 times today just to drool over it! (The criss crossy bit on the actual band is my fave). I may just have to have a go at doing a DIY version, as the price of this one sort of burns my eyes.

As a very indecisive person, I usually find it hard choosing an item of clothing if I'm going to buy it in any other colour than black/white. So when I first saw this Missguided cape in their new arrivals section a few weeks ago (post here) it was a no brainer as it was grey (perfect mix of black & white yippee). However, they've thrown this gorgeous berry colour into the works and the crazy little shopaholic lady that lives within me is screamin' and telling me to buy it! Oh why oh why do they do this!?

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I hope everyone is having a lovely day, despite the rain! x
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Monday, 17 June 2013

Fashion for Free

Dress - Forever 21    //    Cardigan - Republic    //    Shoes - Urban Outfitters    
Ring - Shop Dixi   //   Belt - ASOS

I'm broke, & when I say broke, I really mean broke. I am totally skint... someone give me a job please? The final pennies of my student loan and the odd few jobs here and there have finally run out (sad face)! Since moving back home there's no doubting that the irreplaceable comforts of home living are amazing; clean clothes, a cupboard full of food... but there's only so much day time telly I can take and applying for over 30 Fashion jobs a day is starting to take its toll. I'm looking for an internship to help me gain some experience, but I'm having zero luck finding many that are actually paid. The lack of pennies is, yet again, an issue here! At this rate it looks like I'll be working for free for a long time before I'll catch a break. Boo!

Anyway enough rambling about that... I forgot how much I loved this cardigan! I bought this whilst I was in 6th form & practically lived in it, until it became all baggy and misshaped! A few years stuffed at the back of my wardrobe and a good hour in the tumble dryer & walah! it fits again, YAY! Don't you love finding old faves and bringing them back out again? I've just had a huge clear out and found some good ol' gems in there!

This dress is a little cutie that I picked up last month - its literally perfect for summer and was a steal too! I'm beginning to purchase more & more clothing from forever 21 as I feel like they're upped their quality whilst keeping their prices super affordable. Win win!
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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Spikes & Tie Dye

Cardigan - Missguided   //   Playsuit - H&M   //   Belt - ASOS   //   Necklace - Topshop  
Boots - Dr. Martens
I'm back! After an extremely hectic couple of months at university and slaving away in the library, I've finally finished! I can't believe it's all over, I'm not quite sure I'm ready to enter the big wide world just yet. I want to be a student for another year or two, is that too much to ask!? Although I am quite excited to finally have some free time on my hands, it feels like ages since I've been able to pamper myself for an entire evening!

I also apologise for the lack of variety with these pictures, my memory card decided to malfunction after only taking a few snaps so I didn't get a chance to pop in some outfit details. I'm in love with this cardi from Missguided, its unbelievably comfy and isn't too long for little midgets like me!

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