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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick GIVEAWAY

Hi guys! Yes its that time, giveaway timeee! I was given this beautiful Yves Saint Laurent as a gift from a little independent boutique shop the other day when I took a trip over to Dewsbury to do some fabric shopping, how kind of them! Now as I already own this shade (and many similar to it), I thought it would belong better with someone else! It's a beautiful deep shade, with hints of gold glitter, perfect for winter!

Just enter below via rafflecopter & I'll contact the lucky winner in just over 2weeks!
Any entries found to be void will automatically not be counted, sorry guys!

Good luck! x

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Trick or Treat on the High Street

I'm a sucker for anything black//lacy/weird or just general Gothic styles which is why I love this time of year! Halloween has to be the best Holiday of the year, I just love fancy dress (the free candy part was well and truly over for me years ago though, boo!). & this year the High Street have produced some amazing collections that makes the little Goth inside me jump up & down with joy! Mixed with the Oxblood trend at the moment that everyone and their grandmas are raving about is sending me insane! I literally want to buy everything, anyone willing to get me these things? No? Okay.. I really do feel like I'm a vampire in the making. Seriously, keep watching my Instagram for my Halloween costume! 

I've complied together some of my fave items from Tophop & Asos which I think are super cute for Halloween and a great alternative to dressing up in some ridiculous costume like I, of course, will be doing!

Feather Jacket
Lips in Wicked
High Neck Cornelli Shell Top
Lace Roll Neck Top
Sugar Skull Nail Wrap

Skater Dress in Lace & Velvet
Gothic Prom Dress
Velvet Slashed Back T-shirt
Religion Wolf Dress
Illamasqua Generation Q Lipstick
Metallic Lip Foil
Spider Jewel & Spike Necklace


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

21st Birthday

Yes, thats it... My youth is behind me, I'm now officially an adult. AN ADULT! Oh my, 21 just sounds so old doesn't it!? It really didn't hit me until I said it out loud a few times to myself. Anyway, despite the fact that I'll be needing a walking stick in a few years, I had the most amazing birthday this year! I thought I'd share with you a few photos from the day.

To begin my birthday celebrations I went home on Sunday and was welcomed by this hugeeeee fresh cream birthday cake! It literally does taste just as good as it looks, and was definitely demolished by me and my family several seconds after I blew out the candles. My family bought me some lovely gifts (post soon to follow) and we headed out for our annual birthday celebrations meal. The pictures above show what I wore for the meal, you may have noticed the dress and shoes are from previous posts! The shrug however, was made by my mum a few years ago for my 6th form leaving do, isn't she talented?

I also received a Swarowski Crystal bracelet from my best friend Aqeel! how nice is it!? He knows me so well, I couldn't have picked out anything better for myself if I tried! I'm now also part of the Thomas Sabo club, as my best friends from uni bought me this cute little charm bracelet. The key charm was definitely spot on! My friends have such good taste!

I'm a very lucky girl to have all my family and friends around me for my birthday, I had the best time I could have possibly asked for! Now the countdown begins for the big Three O. Oh dear...

Monday, 22 October 2012

Asos Haul

Embellished Headband Skull Tee
Skater skirt in Black
Geometric Chiffon Blouse
Leopard Print Leggings
Rose Gold Sequin Symmetrical Dress
Midi Rings

For anyone that reads my blog regularly, you'll know I'm a Asos addict! So, when they sent me a 25% off code for further reductions on the sale items (thank you Asos Premier) I just couldn't resit! Believe it or not, but everything I bought was £10 or under - definitely a good day!

I bought the embellished skull tee a while ago though, I needed something to wear for Mint Festival, and nothing screams Sabina more than a studded Skull top! When it arrived I realised that the armholes were very tight and too close to my underarms for my liking! I cut the armholes longer until it felt comfortable but did't want my bra to be on show! So I decided to finally use some studs I bought a while ago and stud one of my spare bandeaus. It took me about an hour to apply the studs to each side of the bandeau, and I was a little late in getting ready for the festival, but it turned out brilliant, I absolutely loveee it! Here's a picture (sorry bad quality) of how it turned out!

As for the rest of the items from my haul, I was once again successful in buying something I don't already own! If you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen that I've already worn everything I've bought from this haul! I just loveee the feeling you get from wearing new clothes. I need to buy a tripod for my SLR so I can start taking my own outfit posts and stop doing the whole 'camera & mirror' pose!

It's my big TWO ONE birthday night out tonight, so I'm spending the day pampering myself for tonight's antics! I'm getting quite excited now thinking about it! I'll do a birthday post soon to follow too!



Monday, 15 October 2012

Birthday Wishlist #2

Burgundy Faux Fur Hood Parka - Dorothy Perkins
Rib Cage Lace Top - Topshop
Festival Fringe Bag - La Moda Uk
Khalo Dress - Gypsy Warrior 
Mixed Shape Ring Set - Topshop
Pearl & Flower Cuff - Asos

As it's coming to the winter months, and years of me saying I need a coat with a hood, I've finally found a parka that I really like! I'm slightly in love with everything burgundy at the moment (I think my Topshop shorts have set me off on a tangent) & think parka is spot on with what I'm looking for. I particularly love the fact its not khaki green or had a price tag of £120 like most others I've seen. I think I need to try it on first before i fall in love with it a little more then I already am now!

How cute is this rib cage dress!? I'm dressing up as a Sugar Skull skeleton for Halloween & this would be perrrrfect for my outfit! My obsession with skulls also means its not just a 'wear one time' kinda outfit, I'd definitely try & rock this dress after all hallows eve!

I found the site Gypsy Warriors from Instagram & I'm always drooling over every picture they post, and this dress has the exact same reaction. It's just so pretty, I think I might actually cry! I also found La Moda Uk from Instagram too! They're a shop on Asos Market Place & have the most adorable collection of handbags which are really affordable! I'd definitely recommend checking them out!

One week till my big 21st birthday night out! eeeeeeeek!


Friday, 12 October 2012

Today I Bought #7 & Topshop opening

Day of the Dead Skull Leggings - Topshop
Dr. Martens
Antique Print Belt - eBay

Okay, so I know I put these Dr. Martens on my birthday wishlist.. but when I saw them on eBay with a starting price of just £10 I couldn't help but add it to my watch list items. The bidding ended at a ridiculous hour in the morning, and with my unruly sleeping pattern I happened to be awake at the time the auction was ending and won them for just £35. Brand new Docs & everything! I was over the moon! Although I think it may take a little getting used to walking in them, they're so big & clunky that I keep tripping over my own feet! Amusing for others, not so much for me haha!

I'm in need of new belts & other accessories at the moment, and found this cute little waist belt on eBay (yes, I do love eBay) for just £4.99. It also happens to be ex Topshop stock so was really worth £25 RRP, another bargain!? I think so!

Speaking of Topshop, for the past week they have been handing out free Topshop/Topman gift cards around my union & in store for the big Topshop opening that happened yesterday in Leeds. Each card has a value of £5 to £500 on them! Now, I wasn't lucky enough to win anything other than £5, but was lucky enough to gain three cards which allowed me to purchase these beautttttiful skull print leggings! I instantly fell in love with them when I saw them online last night & just had to get them and with £15 off, who couldn't resit for just a tenner!? Me & my friends took a tour inside the new Topshop, it was HUGE! We lost each other as soon as we stepped inside, but managed to find time to take a cheeky pic in the style booth! (please excuse my poses)


Monday, 8 October 2012

Birthday Wishlist #1

(Left to Right)
Pork Pie Hat - Topshop
Paris Waist Belt - Topshop
Leaf Armour Ring - Topshop
Dr Martens Serena Black Fur Lined
 Alexus Harness Platform Boots - Topshop
Quilted Tassel Bag - River Island

So my 21st birthday is in just a little over two weeks so I decided to create a little series of 'wishlists' of things I'd love to have. It's just an excuse for me to browse online really and drool over all the things I want but literally can't afford to have.

I seem to be wanting everything at the moment though, I really want to re vamp and change my style a little. I always keep it safe pretty much and tend to swerve away from things that are actually on trend and go for things that are 'safe' and I can wear the next year, but that means I get bored of my wardrobe far too quickly and end up buying more 'safe' clothes, and everything in my wardrobe ends up becoming plain and boring. It's a bad cycle really.

I've been trying on these trilby hats every time I go to the high street, but never have to confidence to buy it as I feel like people will point and laugh, but I absolutely loveee it! My most wanted item from this list has to be the Fur lined Dr. Martens though. I WANT THEM NOW! I pretty much lived in my military boots, but they're all worn out now (boo!) so I think these would be perfect replacements, especially as we're bound to have snow soon too!


Saturday, 6 October 2012

Today I Bought #6

(from left to right)
Skull Tee - Ark Clothing
Skull Key Earrings - Ebay
Frill socks - Topshop
Gosh Lip Pen - Superdrug
Chiffon Blood Skirt - Ark clothing
Triple Peace Belt - Urban Outfitters
Studded Bag - Ebay
Aztec Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Denim Shirt - Urban Outfitters

Okay, so it looks like I went on a massive shopping spree doesn't it...? Well, I kinda did.. Guilty! The good old student loan came through & I've been good for so long & haven't splurged in ages! Although I have to admit a few things were bought a few months ago, I just didn't have enough to make a post!

I'm really bored of my closet at the moment, I seem to be lacking in the essentials and basics! I just have no idea where my clothes have vanished too, I think I may have a clothes thief, my sister! I found so many of my clothes in her wardrobe over summer that I bet I've missed a few items!

I have to admit my recent purchases are pretty justified, as I don't own anything similar to them already, as I tend to buy the same thing just in 10 different colours. Although excuse the skull tee, I know I know, I already own at least 8 other skull print tops - what can I say? I'm a slight skull lover...

I'm also on the hunt for a decent pair of jeans, yes that's right - I'm venturing away from the tights after almost three years of being glued to my denim shorts and tights combo. I feel like I'm edging towards leggings and skirts more than shorts these days (woo big difference, I know haha), but at least it's a start!

Also my love for Doc Martens has ever increasingly grown the more I see people wearing them! Boo why am I such a poor student!



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