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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Cyprus is Calling!

Hello my beautiful followers! I have some seriously exciting news for you... Last night I was contacted by a recruitment agency and was offered an events and promotional job in Cyprus for two months!

As you can imagine I was over the moon and accepted straight away - It's an opportunity I just couldn't turn down. I'll be away for two whole months, soaking up the sun and laying on the beach during the days and working at night, what more could I ask for?

After my recent trip to Thailand, I've had nothing but the holiday blues - and I'm pretty sure this is the perfect cure for that up until I head on into my third year at university.

However, this does mean there will be significantly less posts from me due to being away, but I will try to continue my outfit and style posts.

My blog giveaway will also still be running as normal and the winner will be announced on August 2nd. Once again good luck to all those that enter!

Cyprus here I come! x

Friday, 20 July 2012

Nail Art #10 - Dripping With Glitter

So I haven't done a NOTD post for a while due to giving my nails a good break from all the polish I've been slapping on them for months on end - but now they're looking much better after well deserved break and I'm ready to ruin them all over again!

Here's my latest nail design, it's Glitter Galore! & I just love it - its very simply and takes less than 15 minutes, here's how it's done...

First of all apply a base coat followed by a pale colour for the base. I used a pale pink which contained a slight shimmer, and when it catches the light it looks beautiful! I just applied one coat for a subtle effect but if you want a more obvious and prominent colour choose a darker shade or apply more coats.

Then take a clear polish and apply to the bottom of your nail, applying it higher up the nail in random sections to create and uneven effect. While the polish is wet, sprinkle the glitter over the top and shake off the excess glitter. Complete the process with all nails and leave to set for 5 minutes . Apply a top coat to protect the design and to stop the glitter catching on things like your tights (nobody wants that horrible feeling of rough nails).

Have fun with playing around with different colours of polish and glitter, or try using more than one colour glitter on each nail - there really is an endless choice of combinations!


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bag the Bum? or Bum the Bag?

Yes, its true - the Bum Bag has reappeared from the deep depths of the 90s and its taking 2012 by storm! I have to admit, I was cringing a lot when I first spotted people sporting these unruly accessories again - but they have started to grow on me slightly, and lets face it, it is great having free hands to wave around.

Bum Bags have been creeping around since 2010 when Jordan and Miley Cyrus' Dad were first spotted wearing them. And after my recent travels to Thailand, I was forced into buying one for safety reasons (as they are many pick pockets around) - and it was since this little encounter that made me realise they are actually a very acceptable fashion accessory.

Unfortunately, not many high street brands have jumped on this fashion trend as of yet, but I would love to have this little beauty by Givenchy! Now thats what I call a stylish Bum Bag - I'm so glad someone has finally hit the nail on the head and created a super stylish Bum Bag! Now to just sit and wait for a High Street dupe please, I would definitely by one of those!

Givenchy s/s '12

Denim £18, Leather £38, Nylon £18, Shiny Denim £18

Leather Mesh £22.50, Geo Print £10


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Heavy Metal!

Trend Alert: metalics, sequins, silks and all things shiny!
Alexander McQueen, Givenchy & Giles s/s 2012 shows all showcase how the use of sequins and metallic shades can be super sexy and glamorous!  Metallics are great as they can be dressed up or down and are suitable for all occasions and are perfect for summer! (when we eventually have one). Not sure how to wear all this glitzy fashion? Simple - team them with your essentials and basics to instantly update your look. Now we all wish we could afford a McQueen garment (my dream come true), but unfortunately not many of us can - so I've pulled together some of my favourite pieces from some of the leading High Street stores which are much more affordable. 

Just Female Metallic Skinny Strap Vest £17.50
Party Dress In Metallic £24.00
Chiffon Belted Cut Out Dress with Metallic Trim £31.50 
Skinny Trouser With Metallic Finish £11.00

 Claire Silver Print Dress £29.99 
 White Sleeveless Top With Gold Sequin Collar £23.99 
Sugar Platform High Heel Silver £29.99 
Gold Sequin Sasha Short £28.99
Silver Sequin Front Vest £27.99 

 Silver Sheer Cornelli Maxi Dress £49.00
Shimmer Body £26.00
Heaven Gold Metallic Heel £20.00
Triangle Pearl Stud £8.50
Lurex Pleated Cape Dress £45.00

Metallic Aztec Leggings £22.00
Metallic Lace Flippy Dress £46.00
Foil Metallice Crinkle Cami Top £18.00
Metallice Asymmetric Clutch Bag £35.00
Black Metallice Boucle Shorts £32.00

What do you think of this metallic trend? Would you buy any of these beautiful items?


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Just Can't Resit..

I've been finding myself being attracted to more and more accessories lately - I just can't stop myself being pulled towards all the shiny jewellery and wanting to buy it all! After drooling over many posts and Tumblr and reading many jewellery haul blog posts, I came across this very cute store called The Accessory Stand.

They offer a range of beautiful accessories for all occasions - and the best part is that its very affordable!

Here are a few of my favourite pieces:

The Key of Love Earrings £2.50

 Antique Key Necklace £5.99

Silver Pearl Bracelet £2.00 

Feather Away Ring £5.25

 Silver Prism Ring £2.00

 Festival Ear Chain £5.99

I fell in love with this Festival Ear Chain so much whilst browsing the store, that I may just have to buy it! I told you I can't keep myself away from all this wonderful shiny jewellery.

Which pieces do you like the best?

Take a look at their store The Accessory Stand & Their Facebook Page


Black & White Zebra Stripes

Dress - Republic
Cardigan - Ark Clothing
Belt - Vero Moda
Military Boots - Garage Shoes

My favourite thing to do is to pair a pretty little dress with an oversized cardigan and military boots and wrap a belt round my torso to give myself a waist again - it's just too comfy and practical to resist wearing, yet you still keep the cute 'I've not tried very hard to look nice' look. I don't think I'll ever tire of over doing this combo! I'm also obsessed with my military boots, I've had them for a good year now and they're still going strong, I also have them in a dusty brown colour - I must show you these soon!

As you can see, I also tried out a braid in my hair (I've been going mad wanting to do all the styles in my hair at the same time, but of course, I would look like a right tool if I actually stepped out the house with 5 styles of plaits running through my hair). I usually push my now grown out fringe away from my face with a plait, as all this wind and rain makes it stick to my face and poke me in the eyes, but I tried an inside out plait this time, and I think I'm in love with it. I started off my plait quite far back than I normally do and parted my hair in a way so that my other hair would fall on top of the start of the braid. That way, you hide the horrible small plait and white skull from where you parted it! I then started plaiting an 'inside out' plait across my forehead and avoided adding in any hair from the side closest to my forehead - this gave a more relaxed and loose effect. I then just simply placed a few grips to hold it in place & wallah!

Have you tried out any of the braid techniques?

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bonkers for Braids

I've always had a love for braids; It started at a very very young age (I think about 6) when I used to sit down in front of my mirror for hours and braid my entire head of hair, I'd then swing my head around wiping people in the face a lot not doubt as I paraded around with what I thought was the best hair style known to man. I was quite adventurous at one point too, I began braiding my hair in all sorts of ways (some which looked very silly - I don't know how my mother aloud me to go to school like that either). My love for braids never really calmed down - as I got older my braids turned into fish plaits, French plaits and then eventually into corn rows. I sported the braid look for several years and when it eventually went out of style, my signature 'braid' hair do was long gone.

So as you can imagine, I was extremely happy to see that braids had made their way back into Vogue and people were obsessing over them all over again! I can't stop myself gawking at the new weird and wonderful styles people have come up with, it really makes me wonder how they do it, don't you? Well I've managed to get hold of a few tutorials for you - so you can practise till perfection.

The Fish Plait Twist

1. Begin my separating your hair into two equal halves (or for a side parting - part diagonal across the back of your head in the opposite direction to your parting to allow for equal hair thickness in each braid.
2. Start your Fish plait at the top of the head, adding in a small amount of hair each time. This gives a better effect rather than large amounts.
3. Once you have got to the end of your plait, hold it loosely and pinch out the strands of hair from the braid to achieve the look in the picture (bottom left)
4. Complete the same process on the other side
5. Twist both ends up and pin into place.

Upside Down French Braid

1. Tip your head upside down and brush all your hair so its smooth and tangle free. 
2. Begin your braid from the nape of your neck towards the crown of your head and fasten with a hair band securely.
3. Tie the rest of your hair up into a high pony tail and fasten with another hair band including the braided hair.
4. For a messy bun, back comb your pony tail slightly and twist into a bun and secure with pins/hair band.

Inside out French Twist

1. Begin by doing an 'inside out' French braid down the back of your head and fasten with a hair band.
2. coil the end of the braid around and place at the side of the braid
3. Once you're happy with the position, pin securely in place

Have you got any tutorials for hair braid?

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wishlist #1

Culottes in Scarf Print - Asos
White Moustache Vest - Ark
Wicked Black Strappy Wedges - Topshop
Hearts & Bows Wine Ocala Dress - Ark

I've been doing a little 'window online shopping' today as I've had the urge to splash out on lots of new things, but sadly can't commit to the 'checkout' button on the site due to unavailable funds; as many of you know I am a true Asos lover, and of course I couldn't resist clicking into their site to see what new clothign they had on offer. I found these really cute patterned culottes (I'm slightly obsessed with culottes and bandues recently after  living in them in Thailand - They're just so comfy!). Anyway, as I was saying.. These culottes pulled me in due to their pastel shade (another trend I'm also slightly obsessed with at the moment)

This moustache vest caught my eye instantly - I do already own a very similar tee like this from Asos, but I would definately like to own two of a kind! What I don't seem to have though are these gorgeous  wedges from Topshop! I really think these are worth an investment piece, as at a price of £88 they must sure last a life time! This little beauty, also from Ark, is a perfect little statement summer dress - with its dipped hem and sweetheart neckline and a cute little 'up-do' who wouldn't be able to resist?

I've been looking for a retail job since coming back from Thailand as my love for clothes and lack of money is becoming a slight issue - wish me luck!


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Keeping you in the Loop..

I've decided to create a Facebook Page to keep all you Fashion Obsessed heads in the know of my new posts and some extra little goodies I have install for you! Please click on the link below which will redirect you to my page.. I would also love for you to comment below with your own Facebook pages and any other social networking sites which you would like me to follow - I'm always on the hint for a good blog to read and would love for you to send me yours! Cheers guys x


Tie Dye For..

Tie Dye Tee - Bangkok
Ripped Hotpants - H&M
High Top Wedges - ASOS
Nails - Barry M

I didn't plan to do an outfit post today, it was just by chance my mum asked me to nip into town with her for a few bits and bobs and I jumped at the chance to get out the house and get ready and wear this top; as sitting at home for the past two days after a month of being a busy I needed to just get ready and go out - even if it was only for an hour or so!

Dip dye/Ombre & tie dye clothing have been around for quite some time now, but I didn't seem to warm to this trend quite so much until I found this tee which I bought from Bangkok! As soon as I found it, I fell in love as it merges the patterned pocket trend together too. The pocket is hand stitched by the lovely lady who I bought it from (for £5 - bargain!) which I feel makes it a little more personal and unique rather than buying it off a rack with 20 of the same behind it. I also love the pastel colours and the way they blend together so smoothly! I loved it so much, I used it as inspiration for my nails too!

These high top wedges I featured in a previous post of mine in which many of you asked for an OOTD, well here it is! They're quite mucky now (sorry) after being worn on many nights out! I find them to be super deceiving and I love it as they add an extra 4inches to my hight and only a few people ever notice as the heels are quite hidden! I'd really recommend them to anyone who loves extra height.

What are your favourite ombre pieces?


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Back from The Land of Thai

Sawadeeka! (Hello in Thai) Its been a while.. 
I'm finally back from Thailand and raring to go with more posts for you guys as I have been slacking a lot lately! (so so sorry!). I've been away for almost 4 weeks, and had the most amazing time! Over the past four weeks I've travelled up and down Thailand and managed to visit a lot of places including: Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Phucket, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, Koh Samui and Koh Pangang and indulged in many activities such as Elephant trecks, Hiking up mountains, Falling down mountains, playing with monkeys, partying till 8am at The Full Moon Party, visited Mellow Mountain, feeding a Tiger Cub and much much more - but reality had to sink in soon and I'm ready to get back to my usual life and routines (just with a very heavy tan haha).

I managed to scoop up some very cute little items whilst I was out there too, so I'll be sure to post about them soon once they're washed and looking decent after being screwed up in my suitcase for weeks! I'm still feeling pretty tired from all the travelling, and I've some how managed to catch a cold on my last few days out there. I don't know how I managed this when its 40 degrees over there - only me!

So whilst I spend the rest of my day recovering from jet lag and this silly cold, I'll leave you with a picture of me feeding a Tiger cub - enjoy x



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