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Friday, 30 December 2011

Today I Bought #1

Every year me & my big sister have a little tradition to go shopping on Boxing Day. This year we hit both Leeds & Manchester city centre, along with The Trafford Centre & White Rose. 
 Now I don't know whether it's just me, but I never find anything decent in the Boxing Day sales, regardless each year I still go & brave the madness of sale shoppers! This year my only purchase from the sales were a pair of cute little Tartan shorts by Vero Moda - which when I came home to try on were too small. Whoops!

Anyway, I managed to snap up a few full priced items on my little outing, each fairly decently priced items.

 Lace High Waisted Shorts

I bought these a while ago from Asos but decided to return them as I was in two minds about them, but when I saw that they had been reduced to £16 and I got a further 20% off I gave them a second chance. I now love them & can't wait to wear them out. They have two slanted pockets at the front and a lace overlay. What I love about these shorts are the sleek and original design, as a lot of lace shorts I have seen in the past can be quite tacky and cheap looking!

Black Worker Ankle Boots

My mission at White Rose centre was to find a pair of these, as my River Island snow boots have started to fade (sad face). I found some really nice real leather ones in Dorothy Perkins for only £35 but they only had size 3 left (damn size 4 being so common)! Regardless I tried them on, & to my dismay they were too small! Then I happened to stumble upon these little gems which were in the exact same style as the Perkins ones! wooohoooo!! They were £15 cheaper too! BARGAIN!

Platform Colour Block Heels

With me being a little ditsy at times, I forgot my student house key back home in Manchester! As I was going out in Leeds that night, I had to buy some heels to wear (flats just don't cut it). I was lucky enough to find these beauts in New Look for £22.50 (student discount rocks!!). My sister spotted them first, but I instantly fell in love & just had to have them! They measure at 5inches, which is a long distance to fall.. & like I said, I'm ditsy & fall alot! I'm preparing myself for lots of cuts & bruises.

My Dermal Piercing

Well I know this isn't exactly an item of clothing that I bought, but I just had to include it within this section! I've been wanting to get a micro-dermal piercing for some time now, and I finally plucked up the courage to get it done. I must say, it didn't hurt at all & it was over within seconds. It definitely is my most favourite piercing to date.


Manicure Ideas!

I love spending hours painting my nails, making them look all pretty & nice. There's nothing I enjoy more than sticking 50+ diamonties onto my little finger in neat little rows - only for them to fall off after 24hours.

Here are two I tried out recently!

I've found some really cute images of manicure ideas that consist of more than just diamonties and all things sparkly. Have a go!


Top Tip - If you struggle with nail pens and a steady hand, try nail stickers! They last for up to 10days and are really easy to apply!!


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Fashernably Festive!

Happy holidays everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful day & enjoys spending time with their family!
I've put together some of my favourite xmas fashion for this holiday!
No matter what you celebrate, have a beautiful day & enjoy!

Bandue Sequin Chiffon Dress

Everybody knows you can't go through this festive season without avoiding sequins, they're everywhere at this time of year! My favourite find is this bandue dress (I have a slight obsession with these too!) from ASOS with a chiffon dress. I love the A-symmetric style and fall of the gathers. Retail: £45

Image 1 of ASOS Sequin Bandeau Dress with Chiffon Skirt

Gogo Philip Cross Pendant

With it's stain glass window inspiration, this little gem is a wonderful piece of costume jewellery to wear on this day! It has a long set snake chain with emerald enamel & lobster clasp. Available at ASOS £20 

Gogo Phillip Coloured Cross Pendant

Pilgrim Star Charm Bracelet

This little charm bracelet is a cute simplistic fashion statement. It has a rubber set band which features two gold plated stars and three gold cuffs with little star imprints - makes for a nice little present! Retail: £15

Image 2 of Pilgrim Star Charm Bracelet

Kit & Pearl Snow Flake Mittens

Wrap up warm this winter with these fair isle knit mittens. They have a chunky knit ribbed cuff to trap in the warmth and for a slip on ease. Although, like most lower end knitwear, they're made from 100% Acrylic. So if you have sensitive skin, stay clear as these can itch! Retail: £12
They also have a matching hat, both available in contrasting colours.

Image 1 of Kit & Pearl Snowflake Mitten

Image 1 of Kit & Pearl Snowflake Beanie

Flint Fur Tipped Socks

Fancy taking up the Mrs. Clause look this Christmas...? Why not try these fur trimmed socks from ASOS and keep your pretty little feet toasty! Pair it with a xmas hat and a LBD for later in the evening.

Image 1 of Flirt Fur Tipped Sock

Take a peep below to see some of my favourite festive fashion outfits. Get some inspiration & take on bored the lovely ideas!


Saturday, 24 December 2011

I ♥ Cable Knit

I've always had a love for knitwear, & since my taught module at university in first year on knitting, I've taken up a slightly unhealthy obsession about knitwear! I currently own, well lets say a lot of cardigans!

Okay so recently I decided to knit myself a headband (slight obsession with these lately!). Luckily for me my mother is amazing at knitting and has been teaching me (very on & off) throughout the years how to knit. I started off around the age of 7, knitting myself scarf after scarf. As you can imagine, they weren't very good! I'd start off with 30 stitches and end up with 10. But with this recent head band, I must say I have improved a great deal!

I tried out a cable knit, it seemed quite confusing at first, but after watching my mothers tutorial for a good 5 minutes I easily picked it up (with only a few dropped stitches, which I luckily rescued!).

Here's a picture of how far I've gotten, bare in mind I've only been working on this for about four days in total! :)

I know, I know - Don't laugh!

Well, I've complied together a collection of some of my favourite Cable Knits this season for you.. Enjoy!

Sass & Bide Jumper

I absolutely adore  this jumper! I love the thick, complex cables on the sleeves which continue across the front and back panels. This Retails at a whopping £365

Jigsaw Alpaca Sweater

This cowl neck sweater has classic wide cable knits running down the front for an instant winter appeal. Team this with a faux fur gilet for extra warmth! This is a must have item for winter! Retails at £112

Alpaca Cable Sweater, Womens Knitwear, Jigsaw Clothes

ASOS Horizontal Cable Cape

This lovely item is a rare piece to be found. Not many retailers design cape's in knitwear, but as cape's have been on trend within the ASOS style team, this little number is one to grab hold of! Retails at £36 (now £16 in the sale!)

Image 1 of ASOS Horizontal Cable Cape

Topshop Over-the-knee Socks

Must have item! These little gems will keep your pins warm through these winter days. Team them with a  little black skirt and a shirt for a preppy  look, or high waisted denim shorts & an over-sized tee. 
Retail: £10

Urban Outfitters Vintage Aran Knit

Aran knit is one of my favourite types of yarn, It's soft, comfortable and most importantly - It's not itchy!  This simple cable knit is ideal for a simplicity style, paired with leggins and black military boots makes for the perfect laid back winter look! Retail: £45


Today I'm Wearing #1

Okay so I thought I'd do a little segment on 'What I'm Wearing'... 
I'll be going through some of my favourite outfits and will be posting some pages of what other people are wearing so keep a look out for them!

Okay so today was just a typical winters day. Cold, raining on & off throughout the day and quite frankly.. dull. As I would be spending most of my time indoors (food shopping) wrapping up warm wasn't quite my first thought for my outfit...

Head to Toe

Head:  I'm wearing a Blue chunky knit headband with a large knot at the front from Asos. I love this purchase! It was in the sale for only £2! I decided to wear the knot at the side of my head instead of the front as show on the Asos models, and I feel it looks a little quirkier and less prominent. I shall be wearing this a lot over these cold winter days!

Body:  I'm wearing a Dandelion print petite playsuit, also from Asos with a brown skinny Vera Moda waist belt. The playsuit is actually in the style of a halter neck, which is what made me buy this item in the first place. It's great for nights out too!

Outer:  I'm wearing a black oversized cardigan from Zara with detailed cable knit around the front panels. It has little gold decorational buttons around the pockets! Such a cute piece of knitwear.

Shoes:  River Island snow boots. I bought these last winter, and even though they're suede, they've lasted me a great deal. I really did wear them through the snow & ice to test out their name & they have perfect grip! 

Bag:  My beautiful Fossil bag! I first spotted this bag in summer at the Fossil store in Manchester & instantly fell in love but they retailed at £200! I was lucky enough to win the bag on Ebay with a winning big of just £30! BARGAIN!


Beauty Buys for 2012!

Figs & Rouge Balm

A new product which is a handbag must have! This product is favourite amongst Emma Watson & not only is it 100% organic, but it comes in 4 different scents! At £4.99 it shoots past the typical Vaseline balm, but let me know if you think It's worth it! Available from Asos!

Figs & Rouge Balms, £4.99 - Latest Beauty Products & Beauty News

Jimmy Choo Eau De Toilette

This little number from Jimmy Choo is a long awaited arrival! It's due to hit stores in January, but is already being pre ordered around the UK! With its fruity scent and undertones of toffee, it is definitley a scent not to turn your nose up at! £34 per 50ml

Jimmy Choo Eau De Toilette, from £34 - Latest Beauty Products & Beauty News

Clip In Feather Hair Extensions

These feather Hair extensions have been spotted in and around the carnival scene in America in 2011 & now they have finally hit the UK! they're really easy to use, and lightweight unlike full head hair extensions. Just clip in at the roots & you have an instant update for your barnet. They retail at £9.99

A-List Feather Look Clip-In Hair Extensions, £9.99 - Latest Beauty Products & Beauty News

A H Francis Feather Eyelashes

These must have beauties are designed to enhance your own eyelashes adding curve and definition to your eyes! They're easy to apply and come with quick drying glue to increase ease. These are perfect for the party season, or yet, any season! Bargain at £5.95

A H Francis Feather Luxe False Lashes, £5.95 - Latest Beauty Products & Beauty News


Friday, 23 December 2011

10 Fashion Rules..

Everyone is guilty when it comes to buying unnecessary items that end up staying in your closet years after you have purchased them. Whether it was a Sale must have or an 'investment' piece gone awry, I've compiled 10 simple rules to think about whilst shopping, which I believe will help you compile your very own capsule wardrobe! I should really try to stick to them myself, as I am also guilty of having an overloaded closet & constantly complaining about having nothing to wear! Whoops..

The 'this will fit when I lose 10 pounds' clothing
When buying clothes, you should always try them on & decide, whether it be at that moment in time or go away & think about it, to buy it based on its fit and style against your body shape. There really is no point in buying clothes based on false promises & hopes of a weight loss within a week - you will have probably stuffed the item of clothing at the back of your wardrobe by that point.

Seasons Must -Haves
Everybody falls into the trap of buying this seasons clothes, shoes & accessories as we're surrounded by them! I believe that if you know you will wear the item over & over, even after season, purchase the item! There's simply nothing better than falling in love with a key season item & pairing it with next seasons must have jeans!

Be Comfortable - Be Brave
Don't shy away behind your old style every time you go out to buy new 'reinventing' clothing. Ask an assistant or a personal shopper to pick out key items for you. this will allow a complete stranger to pick clothing which will suite your body shape and style. This can boost your confidence and help you move into a completely new style!

Three Seasons
Simple fashion law: If an item has been in for three consecutive seasons, it it safe to say it is a basic essential item & must have! It is always good to invest in basic's

Every girl must own A Little Black Dress (make Coco proud!) & a Little Red Dress.

Be Ahead of The Game!
Trends have a short shelf life, so don't buy your entire closet in spring 2012, or you will end up being very unfashionable come Autumn! Take a peep at future trends & catwalks a few seasons ahead! It's always best to stay on top of trends, as you can identify key items in spring which will still be used in later trends! The high street are good at doing this, so you must be too!

High Heels
Invest in a good pair of high heels. Every girl has a pair of 'must-have-these-they-go-with-everything' shoes!

Oversized Items
Oversized cardigans, jumpers and tee's have been around for a few years now. they are a good investment and, when styled correctly, can be part of many looks!

Sale Items
Yeah okay, It's 70% off, but does that mean buy it!? You need to remember: stores have sale's to get rid of left over stock & out of season items.. Unless it is a 'key basic/must have' item then don't waste your money on something which will only be worn once!

Black is Gold
Black clothing always looks more, expensive, flattering, sophisticated & slimming.. but don't shy away behind it! For corporate reasons pair a black boyfriend blazer with a bright vest underneath for a pop of colour! Or you could go back to basics with white, and team it with a rouge lipstick for dramatic effect!



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