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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Leopard Love

Bandue Body - Asos
Leopard Print trousers - Forever 21
Beaded Charm bracelets - Asos
Circle embossed print earring - India
Beaded ankle boots - Urban Outfitters
Nails - Rimmel Emerald Green

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went shopping today with my friend Hannah for some last minute holiday purchases as I'm off to Thailand tomorrow & my friend Hannah is off to Marbs in just over a week and we we're both in need of new things! It's so exciting, everyone seems to be going away this year - and I really can't wait to come back really tanned and with lots of new clothes as Thailand is really really cheap and I know I won't be able to withhold my shopping addiction over there. Watch out people!

I bought these Leopard print trousers online from Forever 21 as an item that I really thought I'd return as they're not something I usually go for, but since trying them on I've fallen in in love! I usually live in tights and shorts/skirts so to wear trousers was pretty weird at first (especially as they're printed too, and I tend to shy away from printed things) but I think I may invest in some other designs similar to these as they're so easy to pair with tops and accessories.

My bracelet set is from my previous post/purchase (I told you they go with everything), and my earring were a gift from my friend Jenny when she went travelling in India last year - I literally wear these all the time as I wear a lot more gold jewellery than silver and these are my only set of gold earrings, yes, she chose well!

I think I made a very clever purchase from Urban Outfitters last year, as these little booties come in handy so much for in-between weather (it may look sunny in the photos, but I had to wear a cardi, it was so windy!). The beading on the shoes is really sturdy and after a year of wear, they're still intact! I managed to grab these beauties for only £20 - I wish I had bought them in cream now too. 

I bought a few things today on my little shopping trip, I'll try doing a post later if I get chance inbetween packing for Thailand and stressing about all the things I've forgotten as I leave tomorrow! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. I'm scared.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Today I Bought #5

Beaded Charm Bracelets
Aztec Beaded Jumpsuit
Over The Knee Socks
Finger & Wrist Chain Bracelet
Paisley Skulls Print Tee
Leopard Print Waist Belt
Tiger Tee
Models Own Ibizia Mix Polish

I've been on a little spree lately for my holiday to Thailand as I was in dyer need of some small essentials and  holidays clothes that I have avoided buying due to lack of money. If you follow my blog, you will know how Asos crazy I am.. And yes you guessed it, everything is from Asos! I just can't resist using my Asos Premier and 10% student discount all in the comfort of my own home - it's just too perfect! I did make a trip in to Trafford Centre the other day in attempt to buy some clothes that weren't from Asos, but was very disappointed with everything in store as they never had my size in stock or nothing appealed to me, not even in Zara! So I ended up coming home with only one purchase - a Mac Lipstick!

Anyway, not all these purchases from Asos were made in one go - oh don't worry I'm not that bad! I bought these beaded charm bracelets and over the knee Grey Marl socks for The Parklife Festival I went to this past weekend. The bracelets went perfectly with any outfit I paired them with as the neutral/gold tones don't clash and the socks stopped the rubbing from my wellies against my legs perfectly!

It was my first every festival I'd been too - so I was a little too excited and packed more than I should! (I'm also never taking my festival band off - I've waited far too long for one!) On the first day of the Festival I wore the Paisley Skull print tee with frayed black hot pants, Over the knee socks and my trusty wellies which I found the day before I went! For anyone that knows me well, knows I love my skull tee's... I currently own over 6, and can't say that this one will be my last purchase!

The Aztec jumpsuit is probably my favourite purchase from this bunch! It's made from a cheesecloth material and is a very nice snug fit! I though this would be perfect for Thailand, as is many areas it's very respectful to be covered up especially when visiting temples and smaller villages - I don't want to upset anyone by the way I dress! I'll try taking some outfit posts while I'm out there too!

I'm in two minds about keeping this Tiger print tee - my last name means Tiger, which is why I instantly added it to my basket in excitement, but I'm not really a person who wears large print tee's like this as I always feel they're too out there and noticeable which means you can't wear them as often.

I think I'm in love with this Models Own Ibiza Mix polish! It instantly adds a little glam to any nail polish and makes me feel like a little girl again with glitter on my nails! This will definitely be in my favourite section in my little polish box!

(Instagram: SabinaSher)

I fly out to Thailand on Friday night, but making a quick shopping trip into Manchester with my Friend Hannah tomorrow for some last minute essentials which I have forgotten. I'll try doing another post before I go, but if not I'll see you guys in one month!



Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Stop Being So Awkward #2

I'f you've seen my previous post, you'd know that my sister has recently taken up Photography as her profession! Well, here's the second instalment from the shoot we did a few weeks ago... Like it? I love it!! I'm planning on doing another shoot really soon, but with so many busy schedules and with my holiday to Thailand coming up my blogging amongst many other things has been pushed aside (so sorry!). I'm going into Manchester tomorrow to get together some cute bikinis and other outfits I'm going to need for when I'm out there, so if you have any suggestions on what types of things I'll need, please feel free to let me know!

I'm also going to Park Life this weekend and its looking like rain, so a wellies purchase may be in order too, but I've never really been a wellies types of girl so I'm going on the hunt for some really cool ones! I also want to buy a whole festival outfit for this weekend - a huge splurge is around the corner which means a new  post on what I bought tomorrow! 



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