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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Stop Being So Awkward.

I thought you've been busy? I hear you say.. well yes, I have - extremely! But I managed to take some time out last week to do a mini photo shoot for my sister who's building up her photography portfolio at the moment. Modelling is not as easy as it looks! I honestly thought standing there pretending like your on America's Next Top Model automatically creates good pictures, but there's a lot more to it then that. Lighting, make up, background, outfits and most importantly being relaxed and comfortable around the camera. It took me a while to warm up but I think we got some decent shots out of it!

It's round two next week after my exam and celebrating the end of my second year at university, so I shall keep you updated with next lot of photos! Hopefully I'll be a little less stiff and a lot more confident.

Photography: Safina Sher


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Loosing track of time!

Hey Guys! So sorry for the recent lack of constant posts, but it's that time if the year where I think everybody struggles with time management due to mass amounts of deadlines and revision overload. I've been very busy recently and I don't really know where my time had gone, so as soon as my exam is over and done with next week I promise to be a better a blogger and keep you guys updated on my life!

I have over the past week, however, changed from a Blabkberry user to an iphone user and LOVE it! I don't know how I survived before.. So I'm now on Instagram if anyone would like to follow me my Username is: Sabina Sher. I've also done a little bit of online shopping for my holiday, so as soon as it arrives I'll definately post about them! I'm off to the gym today for the first time in my life - wish me luck guys! But until then I'll leave you with my latest nail design which I created using a nail stamp!

Enjoy x


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Nail Art #9 - Simple Elegance

I've been thinking of a very simple yet elegant design to do lately as I want to die down the 'crazy' nails for a little while as I'm running out of inspiration (ideas anyone?). I chose this cute little design with gems as it stands out and grabs attentions but is so easy to do! All I did was paint 8 of my nails pink and two white. I then used contrasting gems on each nail placed at the base of the nail. I handed in my last piece of uni work now for the year - and with just one exam to revise for I have much more free time on my hands so more posts coming at you real soon! I also need to work on my beach body as I'm off to Thailand for a month in June! 

Little Tip: add the gems immediately after the second coat of polish as it helps the gems stay on for much longer. You can also add a top coat if you wish.


Today I Bought #4

As some of you may know, a lot of what i see on Tumblr I instantly want, search, and then buy! Well a few months ago I saw a skeleton hand earring cuff which I instantly fell in love with as I love quirky pieces of jewellery - especially original pieces that not many people own, and even though it has over 30, 000 reposts I have not yet seen anyone wearing it! Unfortunately, it costs around £20 - even on Ebay (where I search for everything first). I then found these cheaper versions of skeleton hands which are actually earrings and not a cuff - but I still really like them and for £1.25 each you can't really go wrong, can you? I need to wear my hair up more come Summer to show them off more!


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

DIY #4 - I love studs

First of all I would like to apologise to my followers for the lack of posts lately! I've been back at uni for 2 and a half weeks now & it's all been a little bit of a blur with deadlines coming up and the mad rush of seeing all my friends again after the holidays - it's left me very little time to do any posts!

Well the other day I did manage to spruce up a pair of my denim shorts! I bought these a while ago - they are just a simple pair of black frayed cut offs with leopard  print panels at the front. I love these shorts to bits but always find it difficult to pair them with a top that looks rights - anyone have any suggestions for me?

Anyway, I bought some little studs from Ebay in silver, black and this bronze colour for about £1.99 per pack and they finally arrived the other day! At first I was stuck on what piece of clothing to attack full of studs and then decided on these as I wanted some detailing on the back as well as the front!

I chose to do a gradient effect with the studs on the back pocket & think they have turned out quite nice!
I also added a little section of left over studs to one belt loop for cheeky detail!



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