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Friday, 18 January 2013

3 Different Ways to Style a Midi Dress

I've waited patiently for a while now to do this post, but it seems the snow just keeps on falling, so I braved the cold & snapped away anyway! I've always wanted to do a post to show how you can style a key piece of clothing in several ways. I'm on a little bit of a kick to change up and play around with my wardrobe lately, putting things together that I usually wouldn't - I'm yet to build up the confidence and actually follow through with some of my style ideas, but I'm getting there! I styled this beautiful midi dress (one of my other purchases from Miss Guided) in three different ways today, just to give ideas on how you can dress up or dress down an item of clothing. I've heard a lot of people say a midi dress is 'not for them', so I hope I change a few opinions.

I have to admit, when I first saw midi dresses coming into style, it did take me a while to warm to them. I thought they were more for a sophisticated lady or special occasions, but today I proved myself wrong!

Midi Dress // Miss Guided    -    Suede Jacket // Warehouse    -    Wedges // New Look
Necklace // Miss Guided    -   Diamant√© Tights // Topshop

I have to first apologise for the fact there are no clear shots of my necklace & tights, the lighting was just reflecting off of my dress and snow, causing everything to just look white! With this look, I paired the dress with sheer diamant√© tights and a suede jacket and wedge heels. I would wear this to a special occasion or a night out, and with this snow and Arctic temperatures the jacket really would come in handy! 

 Coat // Oasis    -    Jumper // Next    -    Scarf // Primark    -    Boots // Peacocks

I placed a medium thickness jumper over the top of my dress to give the illusion of my midi dress to be a midi skirt instead. Layered with my scarf and coat, it gives extra warmth and is probably the most suited to the weather at the moment! I love how the red instantly gives the entire outfit a pop of colour - something we need in these grey months!

 Jacket // Zara    -   Dr Martens // eBay

This is probably the most common way I'd wear this dress. I seem to be living in my leather jacket at the moment, it literally goes with everything! My Docs also keep my feet nice and toasty stood in the snow! The leather jacket and docs combo toughens up the entire look, and completely contradicts my initial thought of a midi dress being only for sophisticated occasions.

How do you style your midi dress? Would you have done it differently?

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Purple Split

 Polo neck Body // Miss Guided   -   Side Split Jersey Skirt // Miss Guided   -  Leather Jacket // Zara 
Belt // River Island   -   Ear Chain // Primark   -   Boots // eBay

I have to admit that this was my first ever purchase from Miss Guided, & oh how I am in love with everything that I ordered (I was cheeky & ordered a few other items too). I was slightly sceptical at first as I always have trouble with sizes, as I have a teeny waist & a huge bum, so I was unsure of what size to order. I am pleased to say that I am over the moon and beyond happy with the sizes! This polo neck body suit is a size S/M and hugs my waist perfectly, and in all the right places I might add, and also accommodates for my big bum which 90% of all other body suites I've owned/tried on in the past have never gotten it quite right.

I've also had my eye on this Side split jersey skirt for a while too - I was very tempted to buy it in black and to pair it with a brightly coloured pair of tights underneath for the cold winter months, but I decided against it and went for this marl grey colour instead. I think the contrast with the purple polo body makes it pop just that little bit more. I can certainly say that I will be ordering from there again! Uh oh bank balance!

I'm not usually a huge accessories person, but I tied my outfit together with gold on this occasion. This belt I've actually owned for about 5 years & only worn once! How naughty of me, I know - but I'm trying to be better with reusing my stuff at the moment, so hopefully this habit will change & you'll see a lot more stuff from the back of my wardrobe reappearing more often.

I also have to apologise for my squinty face in majority of these photos too. It looks like the sun has made an appearance to melt all the snow! YAY! Me & ice do not go together at all.

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Friday, 11 January 2013

Fringed Bag

Top // Vintage Blue Rinse   -   Top underneath // Topshop Racerback Crop   -    Skirt // Urban Outfitters
Belt // Urban Outfitters   -   Bag // Urban Outfitters   -   Lipstick // Kate Moss 20

I didn't realise until now that my outfit is a little Urban Outfitters overload - good thing I didn't add the denim shirt over the top of this which is also from UO, what can I say, I'm really loving that place at the minute. I've actually had this outfit for a while now and only just managed to get a chance to take pictures! It's quickly become my 'I need something to wear quickly' outfits, its literally so easy to pull together and doesn't need ironing which is always a plus!

I went shopping in Manchester yesterday after a long time, must admit I do miss it at times, as I spend all my money in Leeds City Centre these days! I picked up this super cute fringed bag in UO on my travels. I'm literally in love. Fringed things seem to be calling my name lately, I'll end up looking like a hippie soon enough I'm sure of it!

Don't forget you can win this amazing Summer Fringe Bag from La Moda if you enter my giveaway HERE 
Good Luck! x

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Extreme Dip Hem & La Moda Giveaway!

Top // Asos   -   Leggings // Asos   -   Boots // Boho   -   Jacket // Vero Moda 
Bag // Courtesy of  La Moda

So today was the first time I attempted using my SLR after 3 months of owning it & it starts pouring down with rain outside - typical! I was too desperate to show off this new outfit & to finally release my latest give away that I opted to take the photos inside instead!

This outfit is my latest sale finds from ASOS, and I absolutely love them! The leggings are really similar to AA Disco Pants and really pull you in, in all the right places, and the stud detailing down the leg is definitely up my street! The top is something I would wear for an occasion rather than an every day wear sort of thing, maybe to a nice meal?

How cute is this La Moda Summer Fringe bag!? Well its up for grabs for one of my lovely readers if you enter via the Rafflecopter below!  The give away is international too so win win! Good luck to everyone who enters! :) x


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Year in Outfits // New Years Resolutions

How was everyone's New Years? Mine consisted of doing uni work petty much up to the clock striking 12, boring I know! I thought I'd take a look back through 2012 - I think It's safe to say my love of tights/leggings and non jeans wearing habits are still very much well and truly still there!  I always feel my still does fluctuate from one trend to another, but I can still see myself wearing my little pink denim waistcoat & pleated floral skirt come summer 2013!

I have few goals/New Years resolutions this year that I really want to stick at!
1. Improve the quality of my blogging images - these images, although I can see a slight improvement throughout the year, I still feel there's a lot of room for improvement!
2. More blog posts! I always become slack when it comes to doing outfit posts when I'm back at uni as I don't have a nice backdrop to use!
3. Read more blogs! I love finding new blogs that I adore so more the merrier!

Have you got any New Years Resolutions this year?
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