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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Embroidery Trend | New Look

I remember when I was little and I found my mums jar filled with a stash of iron on embroidered patches that I became a touch obsessed with customising my clothing and ended up with an array of weird, yet wonderful clothing with random floral and woodland animal embroidered patches everywhere. Moving forward about 15 years, the embroidered trend hit back, all grown up and sassy and ready for me to roll myself in.

I have to be honest here and admit that I really disliked the embroidery trend when it first made its appearance last year. And I think thats because I found most pieces to be made a little too much 'in your face' and tacky. I'm not one for heavily following trends as I prefer more timeless pieces that I can pull out of the back of my wardrobe a couple years down the line and fall in love with all over again. So I definitely shied away from making any embroidery purchases to start with.

As with all trends, they develop and various smaller trends emerge within them. This is when I took a little browse over on the New Look site & found that I actually really liked some of their embroidered pieces because it wasn't just huge floral prints plastered down the leg of a pair of jeans. As you can see, I picked out a few pieces that aren't obviously floral (no woodland creatures in sight either) and styled them together with a real western feel. I chose these items quite carefully and knew that in a couple of years, I could totally rock this jacket again teamed with a classic skinny jeans and black body combo and still love it!

How do you feel about current fashion trends: Do you jump on the bandwagon straight away? Or do you like to put the feelers out until you feel like you should invest?



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